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Design & Building Your Custom Home

When you are ready to make the investment of a lifetime, Shayne Schroeder Custom Homes, LCC wants you to feel confident and reassured in your decisions. Built on a platform of transparency and open communication, you can put your trust in a Shayne Schroeder custom home. Renowned for quality and integrity of design, Shayne Schroeder is a builder who takes the time to walk you through the planning and building of your dream home.



With the knowledge that a quality built home goes beyond an exquisite design, a Shayne Schroeder Custom home blends conventional framing with revolutionary technology to provide you with a solid, high-quality construction. His team takes pride in their attention to detail and commitment to your needs so you can feel comfortable and secure in your home.


Concrete Forms

In Addition to conventional framing, we build with insulated concrete forms. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) is changing the way we build. This revolutionary technology is a high-performance building material!

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We only work with the top building suppliers in the nation. Suppling top quality building supplies used to build your custom home. Utilizing the most up to date technology we can build your dream home. 

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